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Ever since my divorce a few years ago, I started seeing failed marriages all over the Mormon community. Being LDS, we are raised with the dreamy idea of “forever love” once we get married. Growing up, we’re told to look for a partner with similar beliefs and standards. Usually that means to find a partner who was also a member of the church. I learned the hard way that it actually means a lot more than that.. When my first marriage came to a screaming halt, I was left a little baffled …and humiliated.

After a few years, a ton of soul searching, personal development, and getting remarried I’m still pretty darn self conscious about the whole thing. But I’ve realized that most of us are. I’ve met tons of people within the church that have been divorced which surprised me – it’s actually really common. But I think the amount of shame that accompanies a divorce in the church is what keeps us all so quiet about it.

That’s why I started this blog. When I first moved back in with my parents, I searched high and low for a shoulder to lean on – someone who made me feel less alone, more understood, and less like an anomaly. I was connected with a total stranger who became my role model. Her story of love, betrayal, abandonment, and revival told me that I could have the same thing – if I fought for it.