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This is an #ad but it’s totally worth the read!

Pulse Pre Workout

My weight has always been in a 15 lb range (130 to 145lbs). My one insecurity is my tummy which only got worse once I had babies. I’m a lover of junk food, supplying treats at gatherings, and using food to celebrate or destress. But not only does food make me excited and happy, it also makes me feel like total crap emotionally. So often I feel like I have so little self control when it comes to snacks and treats.

I want a flat belly! I want to run farther and faster! So WHY am I sitting on the couch right now eating cookie dough and watching the Bachelorette!? Come ON Paige!!!

When my first husband and I separated, I was so sad that I stopped eating! I dropped to 125 lbs that year without even realizing it (and I had even just birthed a baby) – until I recognized that I had a lot more “control” over my cravings. I was denying treats more frequently and that I was really the thinnest I’d ever been. The flabby, fat little tummy I’ve always had was gone! And I secretly loved it. But it was so temporary.

Fast forward three years to when Kyle and I were first married – we were happy and in love and all we wanted to do was snuggle, eat ice cream, go out to lunch, and cuddle on the couch. That, mixed with the hectic lives we had, I was exhausted and my bad habits got the best of me. I watched my weight climb very quickly and it made me feel so terrible about myself.

My husband started researching Legion Athletic products last year and we’ve ended up really liking them. Labdoor rated Pulse (Legion’s preworkout) as their #1 pick for pre workout.¬†Basically they take all these supplement brands, compare ingredients, and filter out the garbage. We use Legion’s protein powder, pre workout, and my husband uses a number of their supplements. Kyle has done a great job following Michael Matthews work out and diet plans from his book “Bigger, Leaner, Stronger” and well, he looks damn fine. Reading this book was actually what got kyle started with his product line. Michael practices what he preaches and really spells it out for you – there is no short cut to cutting fat and building muscle.



It’s been a system that works for us really well. It’s just about eating good food – and the right amounts – and optimizing your workout. It’s sparked in us a desire to be strong! Instead of chasing a flat tummy, I’m chasing strength. I started running and I’ve really fallen in love with it. I’m recognizing that when I eat well, I run well. When I eat bad, I run bad. It’s that simple.

Pre workout is a key for me. I know I love running and I love getting a good workout. But a LOT of days, I have zero desire to move. It’s tiring being a mom! I’m sure you know this! But a scoop of pre workout and I’m like supermom. I own the gym. I own the grocery store. I like my kids more…

It’s working for me. It may work for you too! My favorite flavor of the pre workout is watermelon and I’m a good old Vanilla lover when it comes to the protein powder. I could live off of a vanilla/strawberry/banana protein shake.

Because my husband and I have purchased so much from Legion, they reached out to him and asked him if he would like to be an affiliate. Being as humble as he is, he wasn’t sure he felt comfortable showing off his body to market their products. But you know what, it’s not about how my body looks anymore… I’m falling in love with how my body feels – stretched out tummy and all.

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